The first dirt was moved in April, making the site ready for the foundation, which had to be built and poured in two separate, major operations. This video shows the first one. There was a lot of concrete pouring in 2011. Select a month from the index at the right to see more.

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The Blocks

The Glass

The Wood

The Fountain

3D Animation

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First Mover
The Big Pour
Proving Ground
Directional Drilling
Taking of the Rootball
Rainy Day
And Red All Over 
A Little Floor Polishing
The First Pour
Now We Have a Foursome
Holey Kamoley! 
   (one through four)
Knockdown Drag Out
It's a Boring Job Sometimes
Not Exactly a Piece of Cake
August Walkabout
Keepin' It Cool
September Walkabout
Drillin' and Fillin'
48 Varieties
October Walkabout 
Chewing up the Scenery
Raising the Roof 
A Load of Steel
Makin' 'em fit